Baby Handprints & Footprints

Capture your child’s first steps…

Baby Pottery Painting

Baby pottery painting is the perfect way of creating that special keepsake of their first footprint or handprint. They make wonderful gifts for family and friends!

With 10 years of experience, we are passionate about our prints.  We will talk you through the process as well as taking the print for you, its all part of our service!

The underglazes that we use are water based and non toxic but we do recommend that both you and baby don’t come to the studio wearing your best white clothes, even though it washes out there’s a very good chance that one of you will be wearing a bit of it!!!

Group bookings are always very welcome, you can make a morning of it, enjoy a coffee and cake, and have your babies’ prints done together! We do recommend booking when there’s a group so we can dedicate our time to you.

Creating memories, a baby's footprints

Classic footprints

Baby pottery painting at its best!

The ‘Classic’ paint print, capturing a moment in time.

Our youngest customer was 5 days old!






The Welsh word for ‘Love’

Small hands and feet make my heart stop with each print we take.  They are simply gorgeous.




Creating memories, a baby's handprints